Acma Industries Ltd

Acma produces a diverse range of polyurethane foam components for international markets. These components find application in the transportation , furniture, bathware, health and recreational industries.

Acma purchases base raw materials (and pigments) to develop custom formulations that meet the specific technical requirements and product performance needs for customers.

Acma can develop a range of formulations, carry out test sampling (sample moulds or test tooling), pre-production and production, to achieve rapid development to the marketplace, for products in the areas of:

  • Healthcare
  • High resistance foams
  • Semi-rigid foams
  • Rigid foams
  • Integral skin
  • Low resilience (viscoelastic) foams
  • Mattress foams
  • Fire retarded foams - including graphite filled foam
  • Gels
  • In-mould application of polyurea/polyurethane elastomers to produce waterproof/chemical resistant finish to eliminate the need to have a sewn cover
  • Colour match in-mould coatings to specific customer requirements